Allstar Enviro Safety is pleased to announce that their lead Safety Consultant, Arliss T.E. Levine, is now instructing the new Globally Harmonized WHMIS 2015.

Allstar Enviro Safety offers a variety of classroom based programs, such as classroom based WHMIS and a series of WHMIS elearning programs.

Allstar Enviro Safety's lead instructor, Arliss T E Levine, CRSP, CHSC,BA, NEBOSH IOGC and COR Auditor remembers teaching the first Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System programs to workers in 1988/89 when the program was rolled out under the auspices of OHS Regulations.
The WHMIS 2015 system has new Pictograms, Hazard Alerts and Diamond shaped rather than circular symbols around the classes. MSDS are now entitled Safety Data Sheets. Supplier labels do not require a Cross Hatched border.

The new WHMIS  is a GHS program that will be harmonized with other countries around the world. Employers and Suppliers have a time period to change over their current WHMIS program, which had 6 classes of chemical hazards, labels and MSDS in the system.  It is expected that revisions and additions to WHMIS 2015 will be every 2 years.  It will change the face of Chemical safety globally.

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Our organization: Allstar Enviro Safety has been providing classroom based and  e learning training, consulting and safety program development to Alberta companies for several decades. Their lead instructor, Arliss T.E. Levine is also a COR Auditor.  Allstar Enviro Safety is pleased to offer over 100 on line programs that offer downloadable and printable certificates on safety and environmental topics.

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