12 August, 2014: Hello everyone. My name is Warayuth Sonsungthong, and I represent a very small company in Thailand. You can call me Wayne Song; it may be easier for you to say. 

We are about to create a mobile application to manage email. With this application, your email experience on mobile platforms will be significantly easier. It streamlines your online communication, allowing you to do all of your email activities from all your accounts in one convenient app. 

How is it different? 

-Easier to sign in. You don’t have to use the settings to put in your email account sign-in information; you can do it within the app itself. You can sign in many email-accounts at a time, not just one, so you can read all of your correspondence from across the web from one window. It can be used with all major mailing services such as Hotmail, Gmail , AOL, Yahoo!, etc. 

-Effortlessly group your email inside the app to many useful folders such as billing, social, and education. No need to scramble from one email account to the next to locate that important mailing that you filed, but can’t remember where. It’s all right here on one screen. 

-Make the email experience livelier by adding beautiful stickers and emoticons into your messages with our exclusive sticker packs. 

-Make reading email with links easier with in-app navigation when you click a link. This provides an easier and more comfortable experience because you don’t have to switch between the app and a standard browser. 

-This is the cool one: Make email composing easier. Tired of typing long emails? You don’t have to anymore. Just speak to the microphone and our program will type it for you, allowing you to finish five times faster without the risk of spelling errors. 

**As you can see, we’re creating the most unique and lively email app on the market right now. Once the app is complete, we will give it to anyone to use for free. Of course, there will probably be some in-app purchases, but that’s just if people choose to support us — there are no required purchases to use all of the app’s standard features. 

Unfortunately, the development process is much more expensive than I had initially thought. If I could get some help from the Kickstarter community, that would be a true game-changer. I’m currently trying to raise $5000 for the development of an app for iOS devices, and another $1000 to port it to Android. 

My intention is create AlphaMail for only iOS, and the development process, graphic design and so on will cost around $5000. If the pledge reaches $6000, then I will port the app to Android as well so even more mobile users can enjoy unprecedented email convenience. Every dollar of yours will make this project possible. 

Again, once the app is complete, I will give it for free so everyone can use it. Premium features may be available, but everything described here can be had for absolutely free. 


This app will revolutionize the way mobile users read email. Rather than switching to a new app for every mail service, then moving to a browser for links, and then filing emails only within their own accounts, you can streamline the entire process. It could save busy users countless hours every week and take the frustration out of managing everyday emails. 

Without your help, this amazing app can’t happen. I’ve taken it as far as I can on my own, and now I need your support. Your donation is the only way that all of this can ever be complete. 

I have already put a lot of work into this app, and have the necessary support in place to finish it as planned if I can just close the funding gap. The concept is in place and I know where I’m going with the project, so there’s a clear plan of action to finish the app and get it to market. I have a concrete timeline and workflow for the rest of the app; all that’s missing are the funds to make it possible. 

All we need is $5000 to turn this project into a success. It’s not much money for a project of this caliber, and it can make a huge difference to us and our future users. Without it, all of the work that’s gone into this so far will be wasted, and the idea will never be available to the general public. This is your chance to be part of a really cool project for relatively little investment. 

The required $5000 will make it possible to complete a number of critical aspects of this project, including: Perfect the programming; hire out the user interface design; acquire cloud server support for programming language development; hire an illustrator for the sticker design; market plan development and implementation. As stated, if the pledge reaches $6000, then we will also port the app to Android to reach even more mobile users. 

Once funded, the project should be finished in no more than 4 months. Most of the time will be used to develop the API — in other words, the interface between this app and all of the major email services. Depending on how well this process goes, we may be able to finish the app even faster. 

We appreciate any pledge, in any amount, that can help us reach our goals. By making this pledge, you’re instrumental in helping us realize our dream of developing this app. Without supportive, visionary people like you, new advancements simply couldn’t happen. There’s no way we can truly express just how grateful we are for your help, but we’d like to offer a small token of our appreciation. Here are the gifts we will give you for the pledge you’re about to make. 


$1-$9 We extend our deepest gratitude; every little bit helps. Thank you for your support. 

$10-$49 You’ll receive all of our initial stickers from the first version, 1 set. 

$50-$99 You will get 3 sets of our stickers for free, a $5.99 value. 

$100-$199 You will get 5 sets of our stickers, worth $9.99 

$200- $499 Your name will be on our permanent Facebook fan page and Twitter as a supporter if you would like, and will also get all the stickers and theme. In addition, you will be invited for our beta test. 

$500+ Your name will be on our “more” screen page in our app where we will credit you as our supporter. You will get all of our stickers and theme too, and will be invited for our beta test. 

For Additional Information Visit the Website at: http://trafalgarsoft.com/indiegogo-alphamail/