20 August, 2014: Morzine has long been a top destination for extreme sports, including skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and activities like hiking, Alpine mountain biking and rock climbing in the summer months. But anyone how did not know just how extreme activities could get should watch the video footage that recently emerged displaying some extreme paragliding action in the area.

Extreme Taken to the Extreme

In the footage, the paragliding fanatics are seen rushing through the air parallel to steep mountain slopes, hurtling towards the ground at speed and then skiing with their feet along the water of a lake. The skill on display is incredible, and the death-defying stunts shocked people all over the world after the video went viral. (Experts warn that trying to mimic the adrenaline junkies in the video is not recommended.)

Morzine is known as a top ski resort in the winter, but in the summer it also attracts people from far and wide who come to enjoy the surroundings of beautiful mountains, picturesque lakes and stunning scenery. Paragliding is very popular in the summer, and these enthusiasts take it to new levels.

Experienced extreme sports enthusiasts head to Morzine every year to take part in sports like paragliding, Alpine mountain biking and more. But those more timid amateur sportspeople who watch the video footage of the adrenaline junkies should not be put off because they are well catered for too! Even those with no experience can learn new activities and skills on a summer holiday to the popular resort, making it an ideal location for anyone who loves the great outdoors, and an excellent destination for family holidays.

It is rare to see such thrilling footage of an activity like paragliding, and it is no surprise that the video made headlines around the world. But paragliding can also be far more relaxed, and it can be the perfect way to get a birds-eye view of the spectacular surrounding area, as can other popular sports like Alpine mountain biking.

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