03, January 2015: I have always teased L for being a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to jewellery design. It would have to take a truly stunning design to turn her head away from all things traditional, but Amanda Mansell has managed it. As soon as L noticed the incredibly unusual shape of Amanda’s emerald engagement ring she was transfixed and was interested to see more. Amanda prides herself on her simple British design. As a designer, she is committed to maintaining the high British standards that are synonymous with the long tradition of quality jewellery design and craftsmanship found in the British Isles. 

Engagement ring designer Amanda Mansell

On this occasion, the focus was Art Deco. The geometric design of this emerald engagement ring is a treat for the eyes. The structure embraces the wearer’s finger beautifully and is extremely eye-catching. The blend of geometric shapes with the ethereal beauty of the classic green gem creates a modern, feminine statement where other Art Deco designs can sometimes be seen as quite masculine. 

As we looked through some of her other designs, L was extremely impressed by how many different styles Amanda has tried (and pulled off!). Amanda has the exceptional creative flair to incorporate what her client wants with her own unique style to create a ring of distinctive beauty. The end result is an imaginative, personal ring with a heartwarming British influence. We would certainly be pleased if she was our bespoke designer!