, which is one of the leading online stores, has recently rolled out verdict juniper power bank at their store. offers a wide range of products and services and at the same time offer reviews on their products for help consumers make an informed buy. Amazon has also provided detailed information about this newly launched product along with its reviews. According to the information provided at, the design of this particular product has been designed and manufactured by verdict. Some of its features are matchless 10000 mah power source, smooth oval finish with textured design and flawless texture and design.

According to the review published at, the verdict is a popular brand which is renowned as a change maker for people who deem in living a life that is true to them. The review says that this particular product keeps up to these expectations.

A portable source of power is vital for those people who are always on the go. This product has been designed to keep the users connected to their digital network and keep the mobile devices charged all day long. This particular power bank product has been described to be the best for charging all the usb devices like the tablet or smartphone. According to the review provided at, this power bank gives the users the choice to do what they want and go where they want without requiring them to give up their connection with the others.

Packed with a great 10000 mah power source, the verdict power bank features 2 USB ports which allows the users to charge all their electronic devices and will give the users several days’ worth of charging for their mobile devices. This product is also considered to be ideal to carry for a road trip or adventure in order to keep the devices charged for days. For more information please visit


Amazon is one of the biggest online stores offering an infinite range of products and services. The website also offers detailed product descriptions and useful reviews on the products available at their store.

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