June 3, 2016- Amazon’s newest product, the Microtidy Microfiber Cleaning Towel Set, has dominated the marketplace over the past few weeks.  It is to no surprise to the Microtidy executives that their product did so well, so fast.  Microtidy executives are known for not holding their tongues when it comes to the value of their revolutionary towel set.

Microtidy design expert Rory Pendergast stated “ We knew that it was only a matter of time after the Microtidy Microfiber Cleaning Towel Set hit the market that it would be quickly embraced by consumers.  We created an everyday product that simply outperforms competitors in the marketplace.”

Factually, Pendergast has a leg to stand on.  The Microtidy Microfiber Cleaning Towel has the highest absorption capability on the market and also holds the the title of the highest thread count towel set as well.  Microtidy towels have a large surface size and are safe to use on any surface.  Automobile fanatics rave about the polished look of their car after a good wipedown with the high quality microfiber towel.

Microtidy quickly gained consumer trust by pricing the towel set at an affordable $18.99 for the twelve towel set.  Microtidy also offers a lifetime money back guarantee to ensure that their target market is well aware that sacrificing quality to make a little extra profit is nothing that Microtidy ever considered.

Microtidy executives have reportedly doubled their production quota in order to match the unanticipatedly high-demand that they currently have in the marketplace.  Pendergast stated “ We don’t just have a product that people will happily buy once.  We were able to create a practical product that every home needs.  We expect people to buy multiple Microtidy Microfiber Cleaning Towel Sets simply because it makes their everyday life easier.”

You can find Microtidy online at: www.amazon.com/microfiber-towel-for-car/dp/B00SVRHD22/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1462568091&sr=8-1&keywords=microtidy ).

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