04, July 2015: Sources close to the UK company talked today about their plans for developing new business relationships with firms further afield. Whilst they already have a client list that includes companies in many different parts of the United Kingdom, the management team at the Portable Building Shop is determined to ensure they have a recognisable presence in all areas by the end of next year. A company spokesperson said, “We are very pleased with the client base that we have right now and the fact that we are well known throughout the industry for the high quality products and services we provide is extremely gratifying. What we want to do now is to take it to the next level, to make sure that our portable buildings are a common sight in every corner of the country.

Some might think these plans a little grandiose and that the Portable Building Shop may be aiming for a goal that is simply not achievable but any company that is thriving in a marketplace that includes such big names as Portakabin, Wernick and Britspace is deserving of respect. As far as modular and mobile building specialists are concerned, if any firm can achieve this goal, it is this one. Known for manufacturing high quality portable units with custom interiors, the company also has a large stock of previously owned modular buildings and cabins at its regional depots. These units can be supplied in their current condition or refurbished first, to make sure that the interior layouts meet the needs of whoever is buying them.

Sticking with a Successful Formula

Ambitious expansion plans aside, the Portable Building Shop management team have no intention of changing what has proved to be a winning formula. “Our clients in the United Kingdom have come to expect an exceptionally high standard of customer service whenever they deal with us and these expectations will continue to be met in full as we increase our nationwide sales and marketing activities.” The company is known in the industry for its flexible attitude towards customer orders and the willingness of its sales and design teams to accommodate special requests whenever they can. It is thought that this attitude and willingness to adapt their products and services to meet the needs of individual clients is one of the biggest reasons they have managed to build such a loyal client base across the UK.

More Information about the Portable Building Shop:

The easiest way to get in touch with the sales team is by calling them on 01480 810429. Alternatively if you are interested in previously owned units and happen to be based in Nottinghamshire, Essex or Cambridgeshire, you can visit one of their regional depots in these counties. Prospective customers who would like to find out more about their new modular buildings and standalone cabins can call the aforementioned number to talk to a member of the sales team and perhaps arrange to visit their manufacturing facility in Hull. For more information please visit http://www.portablebuildingshop.co.uk/

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