(Free Press Release) Amdocs Employees‘ Children engages with NGO children
Pune- Nov 28, 2010- In continuation of its ongoing global community relations program, Amdocs - the leading provider of customer experience systems, hosted a Children‘s Day Fete at its premises. This fun-filled unique program was a part of Blossom Amdocs‘ CSR initiative which assists employees in contributing towards the welfare, education and healthcare of unprivileged children.
The Fete, which put a smile on everyone‘s faces, had fun activities such as face painting, paper craft classes, games and lots more. The employee kids played with the NGO children and helped them enjoy this unique day in their own special way. The highlight of the event was the Fancy Dress Competition where each child took turns to manifest themselves into their most cherished character along with dance performance. The atmosphere at the fete was bubbling with energy and glee. The sound of the children‘s laughter filled the air.
Commenting on this occasion, Mr. Anshoo Gaur, Head, Amdocs India, said; “Amdocs constantly strives to care for underprivileged children. The employees believe in sharing and that is how the idea was born. We are happy to host this Fete and bring sunshine into the lives of those less privileged. We will continue our efforts to enrich their lives and make them believe in the joy of childhood whenever possible.”
The focus of Blossom is “Championing child education and healthcare”. Living true to its motto, this event helped bridge the disparity between children and helped them gather shining memories that will stay with them forever. Blossom supports three NGO‘s in Pune (Annapurna, Hopehouse & Prayatna) and three NGO‘s in Gurgaon (Apni Duniya Apna Ashiyana, Alamb & Deepashram).
About Amdocs
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