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America2020themovie’s first question is what will the church and America look like in 2020? 7 years from now will the church in America remain stronger or be weaker ? Can America remain a Christian nation on earth? America2020themovie will awaken church and audiences starting from now to awaken the loving, reaching, loving, healing of a nation that has been on leading the world on missions around world . 

If the church in America enjoys her sleep more than reaching and evangelizing and wining souls, by 2020 this America will have less than 10% Christians and 90% non Christians. 

This film’s boldness states that politics doesn’t define a Christian nation , the kingdom does. Every kingdom leader needs to awaken their sheep in every church, community , city, state and nation to reach, love, heal a nation that has finally become a mission field behind china and India. 190 million people are not reached with the loving gospel of Jesus. Your Christian map in America is changing from 70% to 10% Christian faster than expected. By 2020 America will have a different Christian map if we don’t awaken to take the gospel to the ends of America and the ends of the earth. 4000 churches closing a year, leaders walking out on ministry, 2 million people walking on the church, tell me if u can’t have a different map by 2020..No wonder we are seeing the enemy on the move to change America. From A missionary Mike Kingsley who has seen his own country come back from the dead, seen wars, suffering , pain, He tells America its not too late to awaken believers for the work of ministry in their communities, churches, cities states and changing America back to God. Mike Kingsley together with national leaders show what is happening and how we can stop 2020 from happening, By healing, praying, loving, and reaching America for God before year 2020 . From now to 2020 there’s hope for millions of Christians to awaken and do the work of ministry. 

America2020themovie shows the steps to it. MIKE KINGSLEY AND STEPHEN BALDWIN join to speak and awaken America in this film nationwide , churches, if we don’t do anything now, by 2020 America will be more secular than Christian…like china, Russia, like all non Christian nations combined. 

America2020themovie is spiritually emotionally awakening engaging, america2020themovie will awaken, activate, reform your kingdom purpose to reach America. 


DR MIKE KINGSLEY is one the producers of AMERICA’S LAST OPTION a film made to transform American families, church back to prayer God. Now producing AMERICA2020THEMOVIE. A missionary with a vision to see revival and awakening this country like he seen in his country. After speaking at many churches in north America and the world , his message is to awaken the church through this film. AND MANY MORE. 

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