American Actor, Crispin Alapag, will be a part of Comedy Central in March 2015. The said event will be participated by many stars who will give life to the show. He will also be one of the stars of Big Time in Hollywood, a TV series, in which he will play the role of Marco Chavez. The TV Series features Monkey Largo and Art Imitates Death in 2015. Crispin is expected to give a big blast in the TV industry with his new show.

This American Actor has been known for most of his villain roles on TV. He gives more excitement and interest to the show which makes the TV audience appreciate the story. This year, he will remain as the part of Big Time in Hollywood, FL as a continuation of the first two episodes Episode #1.4 and Episode #1.5. The stars promise that this year is another great year for the fans of the TV series as they integrate better roles and acting skills.

Some of Crispin’s co-stars for Big Time in Hollywood, FL are Kathy Baker, Ben Stiller, Alex Anfanger, Stephen Tobolowsky, Lenny Jacobson, and Cuba Gooding Jr. Prior to this new role on a TV series, Crispin has played a lot of villain roles on TV such as in V.R. Troopers (Ziktors student) in 1994, Ray Donovan (Pablo) in 2014, and General Hospital (Heavy) in 2014. In the present, he is one of the rising stars in America and he continually becomes popular as he plays his roles on different shows.

Crispin invites everyone to watch the TV series, Big Time in Hollywood, FL. This series in 2015 brings something new to the viewers. He will be showing improved acting skills that the fans had never seen before.

Crispin Alapag Jr. is a rising American actor who was known for the TV series General Hospital, Ray Donovan, and Big Time in Hollywood, FL. He was born on the 16th of November 1971 in Los Angeles, California. During his childhood years, he showed excellence in martial arts, basketball and track. However, he did not forget his responsibilities as a student. He even studied judo, Ju Jitsu, kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, and aikido. He is also represented by Central Artists Talent Agency.

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