American Muslim brings solution to all Muslims around the world by re-designing the traditional prayer rug. "Brings comfort to every Salat"

(kjprnews) - August 21, 2013 -- The founder of Sajda Salat Mats, Kamran Hakimi would remember how he would endure pain on his knees and ankles when he prayed on hard floors. He was committed in finding a solution for this problem which led him to search for the ideal thick prayer rug. To his surprise, there weren’t too many options on the market and when he found something similar the price was too high. One day while he was exercising at the gym, Kamran realized his solution was in front of him all along; he would be sitting on it while working out.

It was PVC, the comfortable thick cushioned material made from yoga mats. He knew this would be a perfect solution orthopedic-ally for anyone with joint issues and how it also was accessible for both indoors and outdoors since it was waterproof. With idea and concept in hand, Kamran worked on many prototypes before finally coming up with the perfect dimensions and starting his company Sajda Salat Mats. Within weeks his first batch of prayer mats were quickly sold out. With only word of mouth advertising, the launch of Sajda Salat Mats has been a success in the U.S. market. "I believe that one should be able to pray at any time without being restricted to discomfort.

The Sajda Mat provides new technology, orthopedic comfort and portability to Muslims around the world. What I have created was from inspiration and I would like to share it with all my Muslim brothers and sisters, so we have no excuse to miss a prayer”. Sajda Salat Mats was the key to comfort due to the thick foam material that allowed you to sit on your knees for longer duration's, especially during tashahhud. Some other key benefits of the Sajda Salat Mats was the limited dust it accumulated and how eco-friendly it was to wash and wipe down unlike the traditional prayer rugs which was vulnerable to dust and took laborious work to clean. Customers whom purchased Sajda Salat Mats said it helped bring relief to their joints inside their homes due to hardwood floors, especially their knees and ankles.

In addition, Sajda Salat Mats has caught the attention of private investors who wish to launch franchise wholesale distributorships internationally to countries such as the U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and Turkey starting in 2014. Sajda Salat Mats will be debuting at ISNA's 50th Annual Convention in DC this Labor Day weekend. (Booth #145) To learn more about the Sajda Salat Mat visit their website

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