02, October 2015: This year is an important one for Moben Global Inc., for it release a revolutionary model of intelligent self-balancing scooter—FOSJOAS K3. K3 is a kind of two-wheeled intelligent scooter, which was pushed out subsequent to the advent of FOSJOAS V9 and U3. FOSJOAS K3 belongs to the series of two-wheeled scooter along with intelligent self-balancing scooter V9 and U3. Apart from the wheeled system, FOSJOAS K3 are rather different from the two predecessor.


Moben Global Inc. aimed to forge a brand new model. In view of the popularity of FOSJOAS V9 and U3, Moben Global Inc. modelled FOSJOAS K3 on V9 and U3 at the wheeled system. Therefore, FOSJOAS K3 that went to the market was a two-wheeled scooter. The wheeled system is not the keynote of FOSJOAS K3. FOSJOAS K3 releases the sitting-posturing riding mode and the connection to the mobile phone. The two great strides in technology and design put Moben Global Inc. on the map.


In other respects of advanced technologies, FOSJOAS K3 adopts many cutting-edge gadgets. The electronic brake system is applied to the intelligent self-balancing scooter for the first time in the sector. The time in which the rider stops his intelligent self-balancing scooter by standing still on the device has gone. The new time in which the rider can stop his scooter by activating the electronic brake system. Through pressing the button near the LED display, the rider can activate the electronic brake system. The electronic brake system is a big help to ensure the safety of ride. Especially under an urgent circumstance, the rider has no time to respond and brake quickly by standing still. On K3, under such an urgent circumstance, the rider can stop his device in no time and protection himself from oncoming danger. The safety factor beefs up once again in K3.

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