USA — For anyone with tons of music on their mobile devices, who wish to share and enjoy their audio files on other devices, the AMR player is ideal.

AMR is a ubiquitous audio file format, globally used in storing music and audio on mobile phones. But every so often, one needs to listen to their favourite songs on a laptop, or a personal computer, or maybe even on another media player. This is where this freeware comes in handy. The term ‘player’ is a bit of misnomer, because this software tool does more than just play files that are in the AMR format. It converts AMR files into MP3 or WAV formats. In short, it also doubles as a converter.

This is perfect for neophytes to technology or those who are mildly technophobic. Typically, while most users of mobile devices are comfortable with their own devices, their expertise or confidence falters when it comes to transferring files to a different platform or device. The AMR player gives a Philip to their self-esteem at first look itself, thanks to its extremely simple, but classic interface. It is devoid of editing functions, and so even the number of commands that the user needs to choose from are limited to the very basic and essential. This is ideal for a tool that touts itself as a plain and simple player/converter.

Owing to its chopper style functionality and form, it makes for the a very quick download and barely moves the needle on disk space. What is more is that since it is free from messy sign ups, adware and malware, the AMR player positions itself as a bare necessity.

About Us

AMR player is a freeware that not only plays AMR files, or mobile audio files on other devices, it also converts these files into MP3 and WAV format files, with no loss to quality.

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