Those who have and continue to use 3G cell phones are often faced with the dilemma of converting their AMR t files to MP3 format. Being a universally accepted format by majority of media players, the MP3 format is the most recommended formats for playing audio files. That said the conversion programs which are usually tagged under the title free don’t perform well when it comes to delivering quality.

This is where the new and updated version of free AMR to MP3 converter comes into play. The program is free but, top notch when it comes to quality. More than that, it is the user interface that this software is most known for. Those who have encountered free software before have also suffered from further loss of time and effort because of the complicated user interface that is a part of most programs even today.

This program has a smooth interface which is convenient to use for most users. The program guides the user through the steps of conversion and makes the task less time consuming. Also, the easy drag and drop feature, multithread functionality WinZip conversion etc. are prominent features of this converter. So, for those who want to convert a huge collection of AMR files in one go, this is the best converter to use.

This converter is new in the market but, in terms of performance and features, it is immensely promising. Users who are new to conversion and don’t really like to get involved in the nitty-gritties, this is a good way to start. As the program is free, it is the perfect opportunity for users to try this AMR to MP3 converter. To know more and read about the features, log onto

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