Canadian credit cards offer many options and benefits to serve a wide variety of needs and wants when it comes to credit, says Tom Reed, head of, a leading one-stop-shop for all kinds of credit cards online information provider giving users helpful advice about credit cards and credit. 

“Canadian credit cards not only give cash back as other cards do, but also offer balance transfer, low interest, Rewards, airline/travel, and auto/Gas,” says Tom Sa, who heads, the one-stop shop for all kinds of credit cards, plus there are helpful articles that give user advice about credit cards and credit. 

“Whether you’ve good, bad or no credit, you’ll always find a Canadian credit card that best suits you’re particular circumstance, and include the same benefits and rewards used in the United States. Issuers like MBNA and American Express are two of the biggest credit card companies in Canada,” adds Tom. 

Even though a common favorite of Canadian credit cards issuers is their introductory periods, Tom advises persons to always accept the lower Intro APR of 0 percent for an extended period of time. The basis for such reasoning, he claims is that fact that Canadian credit cards often do provide sign-up bonuses in the first several months as a cardholder. 

“With a Cash back and 0% interest, card holders could love those benefits even more,” says Tom. 

Noting that card holders can start using one high limit Canadian credit card to build up credit until they figure out their spending patterns, Tom says it does take some time for some persons to get the card that fit their credit card habits best. 

“A smart way to approaching this is to start saving the splitting costs amongst credit cards for later when you are more experience with credit. Then be sure to stay under the recommended 30 per cent credit usage with a high limit credit card,” he says. 

Adding that when cardholders pay the balance back on their Canadian credit card each month, Tom says persons are to pay particular attention to the fact that no annual fee credit cards are essentially free to carry in one’s wallet. 

“The no annual fee credit cards are the top Canadians favorite credit card to carry. You will only be charged interest when carrying a balance. These cards are especially nice to have just for emergency use,” notes Tom. 

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