10, October 2015: New stuff always gets more queries than approvals, and is defined as the apple of Sodom, Fosjoas twin-wheel self-balance scooter V5 puts off people’s doubts and realizes fine social acceptance for its unique and outstanding features, it also tells people Fosjoas V5 is more than a vehicle but an attitude towards future.


First, the unusual cool appearance of Fosjoas electric scooter V5 amazes people at first glance. Any little part is selected elaborately by developers, take the casing for example, to avoid the shortcomings of single material, Fosjoas V5 uses Hi-tech synthesized nano-resin, so casing can be called the best one in the industry for solid and anti-impact characteristics. The projecting parts are the two arc pedals with width of 10mm for comfortable riding, the design of the arc edge can reduce injuries, these two pedals just like flying wings that carry riders to the shore of their ideal. For the issue of parking, there is a removable stand bracket for selection, if people think it is necessary they can choose this extended accessory.

It’s worth mentioning that, Fosjoas V5 is not hard to learn as people think, on the contrary, only five minutes, it takes only five minutes to grasp basic skills to experience the faster, solider and smoother riding. Besides owning amazing external parts, the inner parts are also excellent, for example, the battery mounted on Fosjoas V5 is Japan-made Li-ion battery which features extended life expectancy, no-flaming and no-exploding. Because of these high quality details, Fosjoas V5 has stronger power and good protection system at the same time, it guarantees riders both exciting experience and necessary safety.


Most people choose to live normal lives and sniff at the living style different from theirs, but there is an old saying that everything real is rational, the common life pattern doesn’t mean the only right and healthy pattern, Fosjoas self-balance scooter V5 stands for a new attitude of innovation and exploration.

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