Because the most important day of your life doesn’t have to be the most expensive.

Portland, OR, September 30, 2015— Fifty-nine percent of couples are paying for their own wedding in 2016, and most of them aren’t ready to spend the equivalent of a year’s salary to celebrate.
“We love weddings, we love helping brides plan weddings on a budget! At Wedding for $1000, we are constantly looking for ways to help brides and grooms on a budget save money. From figuring out what to do first, all the way to having a plan for how to wrap up after the event, we’re constantly working to find new and better money-saving ideas.”

-    Maigen Thomas, founder of Wedding for $1000

-    In 2015, the average spend on a wedding dress was $1,281. We put together a list of gorgeous dresses, none of which cost more than $350, all found in mainstream retailers across the US.
-    Brides frequently spend $229 and up on their wedding accessories, but Wedding for $1000 shares ideas for finding bling on a budget — as well as negotiates discounts for our readers.
-    Using a florist recommended by a venue can be costly — as much as 6 times what an event florist would charge for providing the same service. Finding alternative solutions is just another day at Wedding for $1000.
-    We interview wedding vendors and ask them to share ideas on how to communicate about budget issues, negotiate rates and collaborate on expectations.
Whatever, whenever and however there are ways to save on your special day, Wedding for $1000 is there to help.  We truly believe that the most important day of your life doesn’t have to be the most expensive.

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Email: [email protected]
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