USA — The Jump Manual is an extremely beneficial program designed to help a person improve his or her vertical jump height and speed. The guide is helpful for basketball players who are unable to find a better jumping height. The author has used his personal experiences detailing those methods that work towards providing excellent results. The manual offers complete charts for your workout regimes while providing details on how to track your progress. The exercises are available as video files, which ensure you are able to maximize the effectiveness of using these for improving your performance.

The author Jacob Hiller has been training high school players, NBA professional dunkers, and Olympic players for over a decade. The book breaks the vertical leaps into nine distinct categories. These include flexibility, quickness, fuel, body composition, strength, balance, neurological recruitment, and hereditary factors. Most professionals consider this book to be a complete vertical jump training guide that works wonders towards increasing your quickness and the height of your jump. The guide is compatible on various platforms, which makes it simple to use by people across the world.

The guide comprises available on complete training charts that show the precise methods that help to maximize the effectiveness. Any person who follows these steps will see a significant improvement and results within a short period of time. The several videos provide the exact manner that must be followed while stretching and performing the various exercises. Moreover, the guide provides on the food items that must be consumed to maximize their benefits while reducing the possibility of suffering from injuries. The users are also provided with one-to-one training through emails that helps in further achieving beneficial gains. For people who do not have weight rooms, the manual provides this option. Users can also discuss and learn from other people’s experiences through the online community and forum designed by the author.

After availing the Jump Manual, an individual will not require any additional training or assistance from others. The entire guide is broken into simple and easy to follow steps that provide the maximum benefits to the users. When you buy this book, you can take advantage of bonus offers, such as interviews with NBA shooting coach Dave Hopla and peak performance psychologistDr. Patrick Cohn. The techniques provided in this manual are tested by professionals who have enjoyed its benefits. The personal email counseling provided by Jacob Hiller is more advantageous along with the simple workout regimes that can be done within the comfort of your homes.

All the techniques provided in the manual are natural and beneficial to beginners who want to improve their vertical jumps. The focus of this guide is to increase the vertical jump height between ten to twenty-five inches within twelve weeks in easy to follow steps. One drawback of this guide is its accessibility that requires an Internet connection that may sometimes be inconvenient. Nonetheless, if you dedicate and focus on following all the steps provided in this guide, you will see positive and excellent results within a short period of time.

About the Jump Manual

The Jump Manual is a detailed guide that aims to improve the height and speed of your vertical jump. The author Jacob Hiller is a professional trainer for over ten years and has trained high school and NBA players. You can also watch Jump Manual review in the YouTube video we create.

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