12 August, 2013:Discovery Kids sets to ignite imagination of kids in an entertaining way. The channel brings a lively new weekday series — MISTER MAKER, that’s all about being creative and having fun.  This August, let your creative juices flow with MISTER MAKEReveryday at 8:30 A.M. and repeat telecast at 11:30 A.M. only on Discovery Kids. The channel introduces kids to the pleasures of making new things.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to art and crafts.  Set in a magical studio made of larger than life arts and crafts materials, MISTER MAKER combines live action, graphics and a variety of animation techniques to bring the world of art to life in a modern, fresh and ground-breaking way.


MISTER MAKER is an engaging character who acts as a catalyst for all the big ideas and brilliant arty techniques within the show and encourages the audience to have a go themselves. And with the help of a magic table-top and his doodle-drawers, he shows just how it’s done.

Kids will learn a host of exciting and innovative ‘make and do’ techniques — such as how to paint with the edge of a cardboard box, make a dog out of an egg-box, use rubbish to make a 3D painting and a multitude of other techniques. And then ‘The Shapes’ come on to do their dance and present their shape puzzle. How many triangles are hidden in the picture of the pyramid? What picture are the animated circles going to make?

This unique and innovative show will inspire kids everywhere to have a go at art.



Follow Mister Maker and create some interesting stuff:


Make a Snake Pot:

To make the snake pot, some paints, a pencil and some air-drying clay is required.

Take a piece of clay and roll it into a long sausage shape.  Coil it round until you make a pot shape. Bend the end of if to make a head.  And then with two other small pieces of clay, make the eyes. Dot them with a pencil and leave your snake pot to dry.




How to make aTorch projector:

To make a Torch projector, crisp tube with a lid, some black paper, a glue stick, a pencil, some scissors, and a torch is required.

Fold a piece of card in half and then draw a half a shape on it. Now with pencil, draw a spider shape.  With the help of scissors cut out a spider shape. Stick the shape onto the crisp tube lid and with the torch turned on inside the tube. The projector is ready.


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