FANADE Industry Co.- professional supplier of FAG 6204 bearings. FANADE Bearing product type involves Deep Groove Ball Bearings,Taper Roller Bearing,Spherical Roller Bearings,Needle Roller Bearing,Angular Contact Ball Bearings,Cylindrical Roller Bearing,Thrust Roller Bearings,we provide all kinds of high quality imported bearing,such as skf,fag,nsk,timken,ina,ntn and so on.Today we talk about Analysis and judgment on Fag 6204 bearings quality after being mounted.

One.Poor dimensional Precision
Bad tolerance of inner diameters and inner diameters can be inspected in the finished products and main causes include:

1.Parts before the process are undetected.
2.Temperatures are varying sharply during installation and inspection
3.Standard ferrule thermostat is not enough.
4.standard parts for use are defected.

Too large Fag 6204 bearings bore should be sentenced to substandard products,and the inner rings should be scrapped.Diameter size is too small,should be judged as substandard products,but you can rework grinding,making it qualified.Fag 6204 bearings diameter size is too large,can be re- grinding,making it qualified.But diameter size is too small,to be rejected Fag 6204 bearings outer ring scrapped.
Two rotating precision tolerance.

Causes rotation accuracy tolerance are:

1.ferrule grinding,the channel on the basis of equality of the center plane of the end face exceeded poor.
2.inner and outer surface of the channel is injured,there is dirt.
3.injured inside and outside the ring plane.
4.large diameter variation within and outside the channel.
5.When loading the last ball,make the outer deformation,or the surface of the card so that the ball wound.
6.may be equipped with mixing ball,ball diameter is too large.
7.cage deformation.
8.groove shape deformation.

Kia Kea ultra poor and less scrap,even if there is due to a single channel on the ring volume changes in the thickness of the inner or outer diameter tolerance.However,Sia and Sea -tolerance scrapped more.To reduce losses,often through the demolition of parts and assembled again get some improvement.Sd and SD tolerance can only be scrapped.

Three.Fag 6204 bearings good flexibility.
Fag 6204 bearings flexibility is not good,its two main reasons:

1.riveting timely inner Fag 6204 bearings into the dirt.
2.riveting timely too much pressure,so that the cage deformation.
3.die uneven force,the retainer pressure uneven deformation.
4.rivet diameter tolerance,the length of the ultra-poor,so riveting timely,ranging from aircraft to maintain the same amount of rivet deformation,deformation of the retainer.
5.ball cage size tolerance,not enough to make the ball rotate radial clearance.
6.small radial clearance when co- sets.
7.individual appears mixed big ball,not turn and so on.

Four radial clearance tolerance.

By radial clearance requirements for co- sets appear radial clearance tolerance,for two main reasons :

1.ferrule size sorting values are not accurate,because the sorting of accidental error,resulting in the measurement system errors.
2.ferrule size sorting values are not accurate,because the sorting of accidental error,resulting in the measurement system errors.
3.rings channel radius of curvature of tolerance.
4.measuring axial clearance,the ball equally uneven position is incorrect,hand thrust inconsistent.
5.Fag 6204 bearings cleanliness enough.
6.rings channel geometry deviation is too large.
7.cage center circle of tolerance is too large.

Four.Fag 6204 bearings corrosion.
Fag 6204 bearings corrosion for the appearance of substandard quality.Its cause is improperly stored Fag 6204 bearings parts from corrosion ; assembly process rust lax implementation process ; especially in the rainy season without gloves operator jobs ; between assembly operations relative air humidity is too large ; cleanliness so poor.

Produce corrosion products can be rubbed rust treatment to a qualified product.Rust too had scrapped or reduced precision.

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