July 30, 2013: Anchor Marine Electric, the leading Marine Electrical Service provider, now announces their worldwide delivery of a range of Marine Electrical Products. According to a company release, they will now supply their exclusive marine electrical fittings and fixture to any part of the world to serve the yacht or boat owners. The company reveals that many boat owners often fail to find robust electrical products for their boats or vessels and thus they often end up installing a poor quality product. Now, with their global delivery mechanism, their products will reach every nook and corner of the world, and one won’t have to make any compromise on the product quality.

The company spokesperson reveals that they have introduced many futuristic products that all boat and yacht owners will find really amazing. He states, “Yacht Controller System that we offer are really a trend-setting product in the marine electrical industry. We have several signature products that give us an exclusive representation in the marine products market.” He further reveals that products like their Yacht Controller System are widely appreciated in the global markets. 

The company has been serving the marine electrical industry since 1989 with their excellent electrical repair, and upgrade of existing electrical systems services. After gaining years of practical experience in the repair and maintenance arena on a wide variety of electrical products used on yachts, they start supplying these products not only in the local market but in the markets across the world. Anchor Marine Electric is a well-known name in South Florida and the Caribbean where it has been offering ASEA shore power converter, glendinning cable master, Charles, Z Mathers and other complex marine electrical repairs for 23 years. Now, the same level of diligence and honesty one can witness when they will purchase products from them. 

The company, while announcing their global product delivery, reveals that they have strengthened their supply chain mechanism and one can receive the ordered product within the timeline, as specified in the purchase agreement. They claim to offer the best customer services and reiterate their commitment to guarantee the best prices and the most professional services to all their customers. 

About Anchor Marine Electric: 

Anchor Marine Electric is a leading product and service provider in the marine electrical industry. Serving since 1989, the company has an exclusive list of high-quality electrical products for the worldwide owners and users of boats, yacht and other types of marine vessels. For more details about their products and services, one can visit their website http://anchome.net .