05, December 2015: The present century can undoubtedly be regarded as the century of technology and but obviously the century of smart phones. Today, we live in the times where all are vital personal and professional information is contained in a little magical device called the smart phone. However, sometimes it is pertinent for us to shift the data from our android smart phones in order to ensure their safety or take a quick backup or for any other relevant purpose and the real crises begins for the android phone users from here. Moving your favorite pictures or important files from your android enabled smart phone to your personal computer or vice versa can prove to be a troublesome task especially when one chooses to use USB or Bluetooth for doing the same.

There are ample of chances that the USB cable doesn't connect both the devices properly or there can be a situation when the mobile’s Bluetooth is unable to detect the laptop’s Bluetooth, thereby hindering movement of files to and fro from one’s mobile device. Few times, even repetitive attempts of transferring android data from the mobile phone to the PC become futile and frustrating. Till today, you might have applied the principle of ‘try and try again until you succeed’ in order to transfer your files to the computer via Bluetooth and USB but one really doesn’t need to take this fruitless exercise especially in the times when a number of amazing software are available in order to make this entire exercise simpleton.

The new software MobileTrans is one of kind that works like a pro in transferring phone data to your laptop and PC. Upgrading to a new android phone won’t be a nightmarish task for the people because by using this software one can transfer all the files and contacts from the old phone to the new phone in a matter of few seconds. Also, taking up a quick backup of the important files stored in the cell phone is now an easy task because MobileTrans makes it possible within a matter of few clicks. In case you are upgrading to a new phone and want to erase all the android data from your old phone, not to worry because this task is simplified with the new Software in the tech world called MobileTrans.

There are a number of advantages one can derive by using this new age software MobileTrans over the traditional add-on’s like USB and Bluetooth. Unlike Bluetooth and USB, MobileTrans transfers data at an unbelievable speed. This software doesn’t get stuck in between or won’t waste your time unnecessarily. This one software is compatible with over 3000 varieties of phones which isn’t the case when one uses USB or Bluetooth. All in all, MobileTrans can be regarded as an affordable and reliable option that has got an edge over Bluetooth and USB devices when the task on question is data transfer from cell phone to computer.

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