03, December 2014: Mr Shaw explained in a recent seminar that people who view failure as losing something, will certainly either just fear it or avoid it. He added… “The important thing is, if you in fact see failure as an essential element of success to be avoided when possible, however then have the ability to accept it if it does happen. It’s extremely important to comprehend that words can be good and bad, although they do often appear to be only bad or just good.” 

A Bug Free Mind

Andy explained how the average mind chooses to see things as black or white, whereby effective individuals just view things as they are, accepting them that way, so they are not holding onto something, and attempting to force it. Instead of that, they try to find the way to advance with no effort paid to the flow of the path it is, in a direction which just benefits them. 

“Effective individuals just view failure as something you need to go through to be able to attain success,” says Andy, followed by a quote from Thomas J Watson… “Success lies on the far side of failure.” Andy explained how successful people simply see and accept that a present venture they’re on might wind up failing, but they understand there will be lessons to be learned about the failure, which will subsequently assist them to a far bigger success in a near future. He went on to say that there is simply no need to be afraid of failure, as failure does eventually lead to success. He added… “Unsuccessful people have only lost touch with their natural impulses, so they just have to get back in touch with them for success to take shape.” 

The best selling author of A Bug Free Mind continued by stating… “All effective individuals do comprehend that failure does enhance future success if it takes place, but that does not suggest it’s continuously in their mind. It just means that they can accept it instantly, so it doesn’t need any effort, diversion of focus, or any believed at all, due to the fact that it just is. The very same applies for any problem, wherein they just know it’s short-lived and part of the success process. A vital element for success can be seen in effective people, who identify the threat of failure in either a new venture or a brand-new pursuit, however they do what it takes to reduce the risk.” 

Andy concluded by stating that unsuccessful individuals always look for scapegoats as a reason for failure, although they privately know they’re accountable, just hoping that no one else will find out. He included… “Among the very best traits that effective people share is that they have the ability to go from disappointment to disappointment without ever ending up being apathetic, since they’re just so positive in their own capability to actually turn things around, and only appreciating all of the lessons they learn on the way towards an effective life. Just See the following video and you will find everything you require to live a life of success, by having A Bug Free Mind.” 

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