Owners want their animals to feel safe and secure throughout a move, but many are unaware of the numerous stipulations for transporting animals as seen at http://www.animalsaway.com/helpful_q_a . Airlines have rigid requirements for pet travel ranging from airline-approved kennels to the types of food allowed to accompany animals. In order to prevent the spread of disease, governments also heavily regulate animal transport as seen at http://www.animalsaway.com/overview_services . For pet transport as seen at www.animalsaway.com/contact_us inside the United States, a domestic health certificates is required.

Regulations vary for international travel, and some countries require a quarantine period before pets are allowed to enter. Animals Away, the world’s leading pet transport service, can eliminate the moving headaches and relocate pets with an unequaled level of service clients can trust.

With over 20 years in the industry, Animals Away provides in home pick-up and delivery anywhere in the world with a variety of services tailored to your animal relocation needs. For instance, Animals Away can take care of all domestic and international documentation, including health certificates.

They carry all sizes of Airline Approved Shipping kennels and can negotiate all communication with airlines, and find the most pet friendly travel available. For the ultimate level of service, Animals Away offers VIP accompanied transport, in which a highly trained handler accompanies the pet throughout the trip. No matter the degree of assistance required, the Animals Away team cares for pets as if they were their own, giving customers the security of knowing their furry and feathered loved ones are safe and happy.

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Founded in 1992, Animals Away is the leading animal transport service. Specializing in door-to-door pet transport to any location
worldwide, Animals Away has the excellent customer service and expert knowledge that clients trust when relocating their pets.

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