A recent survey shows that animals have been the cause of a wide range of claims to companies like Insuremore from tourists travelling abroad.

An online travel insurer has published the survey, which gathers information from medical claims made by customers travelling overseas. In the last year, the company says they have had customers gaining injuries from various wild and domestic animals whilst on their travels, from being stung by jellyfish and other poisonous fish, to property claims by people whose pets have damaged somebody’s home while they are staying in it. Apparently, one man claimed insurance for a stolen fishing rod after a seal swam away with it, while another had his camera broken by a leopard whilst on safari.

Surprisingly, the largest causes of animal related claims have not been poisonous fish or wild predators, but dogs. According to the World Health Organisation, responsible for a large portion of the data collected, dogs account for somewhere between 76 and 94 percent of animal bite injuries, more than fish or monkeys. In some countries, bites incurred from dogs or monkeys overseas can require a course of rabies treatment. One hospital at a Thai beach resort is reported to have treated around 600 people for monkey bites in the last year, with 75 percent of them being foreign tourists. Monkeys are also well known for theft of small property like wallets and sunglasses whilst travelling, most often in places like Malaysia or the Monkey Forest in Bali.

The company recommends that the best way for tourists to prevent incidents such as animal bites is to do some research on the destination beforehand. When coming across wild animals such as stray dogs, be careful not to taunt or feed them, and where monkeys are concerned keep your valuables out of sight.

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