In an official statement made by the spokesperson of, the website has added new episodes of some popular anime series. As per the spokesperson, through the addition of these shows into their large anime directory, the website looks to enhance their service to anime fans all over the world. He stated, “We are very delighted to be able to provide new series of the fans’ most popular anime shows and we will continue to add more in the coming days.”


As per sources, already has a large collection of anime episodes which includes the likes of One-Punch Man, Naruto Shippuuden, Yu-Gih-Oh!, One Piece, and Dragon Ball. And the latest venture has included shows such as Ace of Diamond, Tokyo Ghoul, Peeping Life, and Brave Beats, amongst others. With this expansion, the administrators of the site hoped that regular viewers as well as novices will be introduced to a whole new level of anime watching experience.


It was revealed by the spokesperson that the inspiration for the expansion was invoked by the administrators themselves, who had been planning to introduce the anime viewers to a wider level beyond the regular episodes broadcasted on television. People always are hungry for new contents and likewise the traffic continues to keep on increasing. aims to fulfill such demands through the introduction of new shows and the latest episodes.


The spokesperson also commented, “Anime like Naruto Shippuuden are very popular but most people are unfamiliar with names like Ace of Diamond. Our mission is to provide viewers with not only their present favorites but also to make them familiar with new ones and introduce them to a new breed of anime.”


“We assure our viewers of offering regular updates and addition of the newest series of their favorite shows”, reiterated the spokesperson. For more details go to    




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