The availability of online resources has made it possible to simplify the life of people and provide them with any information they might need. This concerns almost all the spheres of human activity. Realizing the increased need of users for informative web-based sources, has compiled a useful collection of maps from around the world. is a website, which offers a rich collection of maps users may find valuable and interesting for educational and informational purposes. The website involves the maps of cities, countries, regions and other locations one may look for on the web. This is what the developers of the resource tell about the mission they pursued when launching the resource: “We hope that this website will be in demand with people looking for various kinds of maps to meet their needs. We do our utmost to make our maps for private and non-commercial use as high-quality and informative as possible.”

To simplify the search of users, the developers of the resource have subdivided all the maps into several categories. One may search the required maps by the continent or country. The website features intuitive and simple navigation. This is one of the reasons that have made it user-friendly and so popular nowadays. The project is multilingual, which increases the amount of people, who can make use of it. Thus, a collection of maps available in French language can be found at and in German at . There are also several other versions of the website that can be found in Spanish, Italian, Russian and other languages. In case of difficulties and problems users may encounter when browsing through the website, the search option is available round the clock as well. All the maps are absolutely free and meant for private non-commercial use. They are compiled with fine precision and high level of responsibility.

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About the Company: is a web-based resource, which offers virtual maps of countries, cities and regions. These maps can be used both for informational and educational purposes. They are complied with users’ convenience and ease of use in mind. All the maps published at the website are absolutely free. They are meant for private non-commercial use. To simplify the search, the maps are subdivided into several categories, the most popular of which are countries and continents. The online search option is available 24/7 as well. The maps are provided in several languages.

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