21 December, 2013: Felix Potin has announced the launch of their newly re-designed and revamped online shop — Felix Potin is a company with an elegant inception of bringing premier gourmet goods to the public. Specializing in chocolates, Felix Potin brings customers all around the globe Paris’s best.

The site has been designed to be easy to use and seamless to navigate; the ordering process is straight-forward and shipping handles on the same day. Customers can browse the more traditional offerings of the site of Parisian Macarons to a collection of chocolates and truffles specifically Cocoa in theme, Potin’s site is sure to please even the hardest won chocolate connoisseur.

Felix Potin, at www.felixpotin.net, is a mature brand,iIt’s history dating as far back as the first shop opened at 28 rue Coquenard, Paris, in 1844. The company has enjoyed an infamous reputation in France. It’s most recent change of hands in 2003 saw a revival for Felix Potin, which includes their online shop and new website.

Chef Arnaud Nicolas, the head chef at Felix Potin, comments on the company; “Félix Potin wants to position itself as the guardian of a tradition, while remaining constantly on the lookout for fashions, trends and novelties in order to provide you with a flavorful cocktail of celebratory products, original and daring presentations and irresistible small gifts.”

He adds, “It is our ambition to provide the highest quality chocolate to you — no matter where you may be in the world. Our ambition is to create a kind of jewel-box setting in line with the delights contained within, a beautiful object you will want to keep, even after enjoying its contents. We put the same passion and delight in designing each and every product.” He continues, “All Félix Potin products have been strictly selected in order to provide you with the best of fine food products and we incessantly work to improve, enhance and perfect each item in our range.”

FelixPotin.net is a site that offers both traditional gourmet treats such as Macaroons and fruit fancies, whether gel or chocolate covered. Those searching for the perfect gift have no further to look than Felix Potin to find quality, service, and an expansive online shop.