TUFF CHUCK is an Amazing Energy beverage made for Amazing People like YOU

Dallas, TX — September 30, 2016 - TUFF CHUCK has an Amazingly Smooth Berry Taste. When you drink regular energy drinks, you will get a good energy kick for a few hours in part due to a heavy sugar presence but you will tend to crash later. It is as if you are taking energy from LATER to substitute for a NOW moment, which is a bad strategy... With TUFF CHUCK, you will get all the energy benefits without that Downside. Please check the calories and sugars on the back of a regular energy drink. They are a recipe for long term Health Disaster! TUFF CHUCK has Zero Calories and Zero Sugar. With TUFF CHUCK You get all the energy benefits without that Downside.

TUFF CHUCK is easy to carry (light weight 2oz), small enough to put in a handbag/purse for ladies and to carry on in your pockets (guys). The beauty is You can drink half a bottle in Your early morning to get going and save the rest for later use as needed or for the next day. Think of TUFF CHUCK as " Amazing Energy " on demand, so use it whenever you need an energy boost throughout your day!


For three years, Hans Anklis has been working tirelessly to bring TUFF CHUCK from a simple dream to reality, the flavor is amazing, Unique bottle design + remarkable energy blend. However, lot of unfinished work remains ex: Box packaging, some minor design and label tweaks, ordering Perks, working the logistic side of project...etc. You will enjoy "Amazing Energy" when You use TUFF CHUCK.

TUFF CHUCK will give you Amazing Energy. TUFF CHUCK gets you going and rolling every time! Whether you are going to work early morning, recovering your energy after lunch, staying up late to study or night partying with your friends "...TUFF CHUCK is the Answer whenever You!  need that Extra Fast Energy Boost.

TUFF CHUCK is a healthier way to revitalize your body, refresh your breath and renew your energy. Simply shake bottle, twist cap and Enjoy!  It is time to " Turn On Your Mojo! "

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Hans Anklis
Dallas, TX