China - In order to help clients know more about the using of homemade tattoo gun during their daily life using, today, the editor from famous tattoo gun and best smart phone online seller will show with people basically problems of most of their clients in this article.

How to debug the newly purchased tattoo machine?

Any newly homemade tattoo guns in consumer’s hand could only be adjusted by ​​only minor adjustments to its fundamental nature as these machines have been already suitable adjusted by the factory operator. The small adjustments only connect with the gap and shrapnel forces. However, the big adjustments will be not suitable for this kind of tattoo machine.

Secondly, how to determine the length of the needle and debugging?

The solution for this problem should be based on everyone’s habits and the skin nature and characteristic of these guests. For example, these Europeans have thicker skin than these Asians and then the machine’s operation should be a little bit deeper. This should be the main reason why these foreign tattooists own the pursuit of big machine bouncing space. However, this should be totally different for these Asian tattooists.

Thirdly, after related period of using, these best android phone will occur the phenomenon of the wear and tear for these contact points. On the other hand, the power and performance of these tattoo machines will also have very big decline so how to solve this problem?

The answer for this problem likes the following description. First, when people do not use this tattoo guns for long period of time, they should first loosen damping apron which could avoid the change of power. There is also other seriously situation. If there is related wear and tear for these contacting points, then people could use the new banknotes sandwiched to pulled back and forth a few times between the contact points and shrapnel.

Why there is the argument of one-body machine and split type tattoo machine?

The one body machine should be the most commonly used machine. However, most of these tattooists will choose the machine with a different function which could be called the line machine and fog machine. The fog machine can be used to secant and people need only to plus with the shrapnel limit device.

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