Security statistics report has shown that in different parts of the world such as in France approximately 65 percent of deaths of teenagers and young adults were caused by lack of balcony protection or safety devices.

In response to these preventable deaths, Hollie Bell the founder and Director of Anti Grabbity Pty Ltd today announced the launch of her removable balcony safety device known as “Anti Grabbity”; which prevents people from climbing on balcony railings which could result in fatal accidents.

“My invention was inspired by my need to protect my own kids from falling off our 17th floor balcony of our Sydney apartment and from having noticed the increasing number of fatalities resulting from people accidentally falling from balconies.  This product has been invented to protect hoteliers and their guests, families in high rise apartments as well as cruise ships who face multiple cases of  small kids and young adults accidentally falling off balcony railings”, said Hollie Bell, the inventor of the safety device.

The balcony safety product invented by Anti Grabbity  is a cost effective, easy to install piece of equipment which requires no modification to the existing balcony structure of the building. The climbing deterrent is an uncomfortable prickly textured strip which is securely fixed along the top of the balcony rail to prevent hands from grabbing or taking hold of the railing. It can then be removed quickly when no longer needed.

“The texture makes it very difficult for small children to grab onto the rail and pull themselves up. Not just for small children, Anti Grabbity is the perfect barrier for reckless adults partying on hotel or cruise ship balconies or at other events such as Spring Break & Schoolies.  Anti Grabbity will assist in putting a stop to “planking” and dangerous alcohol fueled behavior that has resulted to countless fatalities in the past years” said Hollie Bell, the inventor and Director of Anti Grabbity Pty Ltd.

Many organizations have paid claims mounting to millions of dollars for failure to provide balcony safety and fall prevention in cases resulting to fatalities. According to a report by ABTA, the UK’s largest travel association, unless affected organizations and holiday destinations comply with the existing safety and protection regulations and ensure protection of their balconies they will continue to bear the brunt of such legal claims.

For further enquiries, or information concerning “Anti Grabbity” the removable balcony safety device visit or call Hollie on +61 (0)413 666 345

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