17, August 2015: AnyFlip is a brand new program name in online publishing, and it is already trusted by over 200,000 publishers and businesses across the world. With its variety of features that catch the readers’ interest, AnyFlip is one of the best publishing platforms for anything from personal artistic work to creative marketing strategies for large companies. It provides a high quality flipbooks publishing service, and the program can be used to create any digital media such as brochures, magazines, guide books, and thousands of other uses.

AnyFlip’s flipbook is the better version of what is typically called an eBook. Instead of providing a customer or reader with a flat PDF of the content, AnyFlip helps create an engaging and likeable product that users will want to interact with again and again. Features such as adding rich media like slideshows, Flash video player, and sounds, as well as being able to fully customize all aspects of the publication allows companies and publishing houses to create the exact product they want.

With AnyFlip, there are a multitude of commercial options. Users can link their digital media to ecommerce sites, and can easily display high quality pictures, videos, and more of products. Any eBook can be converted to a Flipbook fairly easily, so old marketing ideas can be easily transferred and improved using the AnyFlip program.

Jason Chen, the CEO of AnyFlip, says “this program could turn a failing business into a thriving one by providing a free marketing platform that will truly grab customer’s attention.”

The high quality of the AnyFlip program, along with the easy to use interface and multiple customizable features, makes AnyFlip one of the best programs to have for both personal and business use.

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