18, August 2015: Marketing is all about converting readers into customers. With the help of today’s technological developments, many tools, strategies and options have been introduced to the competitive business world to help sellers turn readers and viewers of their product catalogs and brochures into buyers. AnyFlip flip book maker is one such tool that is held in the highest regards in the business world for its untarnished powers of increasing the conversion rate. The cutting-edge powerful digital content designing and marketing features of the platform have enabled thousands of merchants to promote their products and services, and create swift and easy purchase channels in an international scale. Besides, the flip book maker also offers quick navigations to digital publications created by the sellers. These publications can be distributed via chain emails, marketing sites or even embed to the official website of the company without a hassle.

E-books have become extremely popular for their portability and low cost. Now enthusiastic e-books sellers are given the opportunity to design impressive multimedia rich e-books that offer an unmatched page flipping reading experience to their readers. The stunning features, including the accessibility from almost all devices and platforms, are the key reasons behind the success of the software.

Stunning effects and themes offered by AnyFlip flip book maker help business users create attractive product catalogs that lure consumer attention at first sight. Jason Chen, the CEO of AnyFlip stated, “Due to top sales conversion rates generated through the high quality AnyFlip flip books, companies and proprietors have been able to achieve sales targets easily.” Apart from all these high-end features and benefits, the latest flip book maker also can detect active hyperlinks such as purchase URLs from original PDF files and then retain them in page flipbook.

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