San Diego, CA; 11, August 2015: When it comes to the company payroll requirements, the end of the month can be a taxing, confusing and stressful time for managers. Added to many responsibilities for delivering end-of-the-month reports, bills and employee payments,managers and business owners must also keep up with the daily routine of running a successful business. The pile-up of work can be overwhelming and as a result, is prone to mistakes, miscalculations and even tax violations.

AP Payroll Service Bureau

With this in mind, AP Payroll Service Bureau (serving San Diego and Southern California) has proven an invaluable,efficient and accurate payroll service forbusy business owners in the San Diego, East County, and beach areas. Ensuring personal and professional attention towards each client’s payroll requirements, AP Payroll Service Bureau safeguards that it knows everything about new developments in California tax and payroll laws, as well as the client’s specific business needs before getting down to the actual service performance.

The payroll services offered by the AP Payroll are customized for every business and delivered without compromise on quality. San Diego businesses, large and small,can pass the responsibility for processing monthly payroll to AP Payroll Service Bureausafely and conveniently by e-mail, over the telephone, through fax, or online at the easy to use AP Payroll website. Once this is done, the payroll responsibility is transferred to the experienced AP Payroll Services Bureau professionals.

Known for keeping abreast of all the relevant and emerging news and updates by the government in the state of California, the payroll services on offer by AP Payroll Services Bureau are not only timely, but also up-to-date with new regulations, making them accurate and hassle free. The services on offer by the company include:

- Payroll services (Including integration of the new $10 minimum wage)
- Filing Taxesand maximizing deductions
- Keeping abreast of changes in California tax laws
- Sick pay documentation for laws enacted in California 7/1/2015

AP Payroll’s clientele in California include Subway, KFC, Pinkberry, ARCO, Mobil and Denny’s, to name a few. The company website also offers a free e-book with payroll management advice, titled How to Payroll in California.

Their client testimonials are impressive and can also be viewed at the website. Says Elliot Mahn, Owner of Pinkberry: “I have been working with AP Payroll for years and can honestly say it is the best payroll service out there. Their customer service is excellent and their small business services are efficient and customized to our company.”

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About AP Payroll:

AP Payroll is proud to offer the best Self-Service, Web-Based Payroll Solution available. Now you can trust your payroll is in good hands with AP Payroll. There is nothing better than personal attention from a trusted advisor who knows your business. Our high-quality payroll service is customized for you and your business. Rely on us to deliver top quality service all year long. You’ll be delighted with the results!

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