Northridge, California; 19, August 2015: Small business owners with employees are often confused and lost about processing payroll. The onerous tax laws, insurance, social security and other elements of paying employees is often more than a small business owners have time for. In Los Angeles, one of the most populous cities in California, these taxes and insurance regulations have recently become more complicated. This is where the professionals at AP Payroll come in. The experts at AP Payroll make paying employees and maximizing tax benefits easy.

AP Payroll

AP Payroll is a complete agency for employee payroll. The company takes care of all of the small details that many CPA's and business owners may accidentally overlook, including implementing the new laws on sick pay, and checking compliance with the tax laws that vary from state to state.

California's minimum wage, for example, is now $10.00 an hour, and as of July 1, all employees in the state are eligible for sick pay. These changes, combined with the evolving tax laws of the state, have made payroll difficult for the small business owner to comprehend. But AP Payroll takes care of it all...affordably.

AP Payroll’s decades of experience, along with a full team of accountants and tax professionals, mean that business owners no longer have to struggle with being in compliance at payday. Whether a company is large or small, this is an important element for keeping a business running strong.

AP Payroll also offers a FREE ebook titled How to Payroll in California which is specifically designed to explain some of California’s most important payroll laws in addition to federal requirements that have recently been enacted. And new clients enjoy free signups, a one month trial and a special multi-franchise discount for those who qualify.

AP Payroll provides the best services to Los Angeles businesses including:

1. Top Quality Payroll Services (Including integration of the new $10 minimum wage)
2. Filing State and U.S. Taxes and maximizing tax deductions
3. Updating clients to accommodate changes in California tax laws
4. Sick pay documentation for laws enacted in California in July 2015

AP Payroll has an excellent reputation and serves some of Los Angeles’ biggest companies including: Subway Sandwiches, Dennys, KFC, Pinkberry, ARCO and Mobil, to name a few. Find out more about AP Payroll and read client testimonials about thier Los Angeles business services at

About AP Payroll:

AP Payroll is proud to offer the best Self-Service, Web-Based Payroll Solution available in Los Angeles and Southern California. Now you can trust your payroll is in good hands with AP Payroll. There is nothing better than personal attention from a trusted advisor who knows your business.

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