China; 31, January 2015: Game machines are high in demand for the entertainment factor attached to it. A lot of amusement parks and amusement centers install these game machines to attract more customers as these machines are addictive and quite pleasurable for playing.

APA Game is a leading trader of game machines of all types across many genres all over the world. The game machine suppliers have their very own workshop where they manufacture these supreme machines with severe precision and tested results. The company is in this game machine trading business since a long time and has many loyal clients all over the world. They manufacture and distribute all sorts of game machines like simulator, shooting, arcade, basketball machines, racing, coin operator, push-in coins, crane, etc.

The company is a leading seller of the 1000 shoots fishing game with ICT bill acceptor. The game machine comes with a powerful bill acceptor and game thermal printer and individual cabinets for choosing. The machines are built in a large format with catchy paint to make it look visually more enhanced and graphical. It has a pre loaded machine gun that can shoot very fats and make the game for fun and enjoyable. It has a total of nine types of fish with each having different points after shooting. The game is ideal for the teenagers and also for people who are of the higher age level as it requires smart planning and strategies. The fish which are up for shooting are from different 3D models like the whale, clown fish, snapper, etc. The game can simply begin by inserting coins and controlling the user friendly joystick to control the various guns in the different sides of the screen. It is further added with the weapon change button that can make up for a different bigger gun to shoot down the bigger fish.

The game makers also manufacture the 1000 shoots fishing game which is also very addictive and can be used as competitive formats as well. The game can be started with coins and it also has an output panel that can shell out tickets and prizes. Apart from these the game play has many types of entertaining features like cyclone fish and lighting chain gun that can shoot very fast.

The King of treasure fishing game is also another game machine in demand for its high entertaining factors. It has a smart build up machine with lights and user friendly buttons. The stickers and game play is very catchy and entertaining. The game has many types of fish that can be shot with the laser guns that are pre installed.

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The APA Game is a seller and trader of many types of game machines to many parts of the world. There website can be checked for getting a quick quotation