China; 27 August, 2014: Video games became a hit soon after the innovation. Today, there are dedicated parlours for video games in nearly every developed and developing country. The popularity of video games has not faded despite the popularisation of smartphones and availability of numerous applications for different mobile platforms. The video game and the video game machines are the main components in a video game parlour. Asia Pacific Amusement Consultant (APAC) Company Limited is relevant in supply of video game machines. It supplies Japanese and Chinese video game machines such as 1000 shoots fishing game machine to different countries throughout the world. 

APAC is a dedicated company that supplies video game machines throughout the world. The provides a diverse range of video game machines for Air Hockey, Prize Game, Star Rover of Happy Car, Kiddie Riders, coin Pusher, Fishing Game and Redemption Game. Besides, it also provides simulators, video simulators and printed circuit boards (PCB) for fighter games. IGS Full Attack 1000 shoots fishing game, Merry Christmas fast coin redemption game machine, Lucy Star fast coin redemption game machine are some of the popular products supplied by APAC, which sources video game machines directly from some of the top Japanese and Chinese manufacturers. 

APAC has experienced staffs and wide range of products. It is open to offer free quotation throughout the day. Flexible lead time and punctual delivery are characteristics of APAC. Most importantly, the company accepts small orders too. 

APAC is one of the largest suppliers of some of the best fishing game machines such as IGS King of Treasure fishing game machine. It is a 1000 shoots machine and there are many similar models at APAC. The IGS King of Treasure is an upgrade of Ocean King. It features attractive game-play and has a newly added China Dragon. It features both ticket out and coin out. Besides, ICT bill acceptor and printer can be installed onto it. The game features Twister, Chain Thunder, The Bomb Crab and varieties of fishes to be caught. Humpback Whale, Ocean Lord Killer Whale, Flounder, Sea Turtles, Spearfish, Butterfly Fish, Saw Sharks, Lionfish, Devilfish, Lantern Fish and Clown Fish are some of the species for players to catch. 

The technique of playing at a 1000 shoots fishing game with ICT bill acceptor is simple like playing at other video game machines. Players have to insert a coin or note, depending upon their preference, to initiate a game. There are different weapons to catch fishes. After finishing a game, players have to press and hold the payout button for a few seconds in order to claim their prize. 

About APAC: 


Asia Pacific Amusement Consultant Company Limited is located at Shangmao Square on Shixin Road in Panyu District of Guangzhou. It was founded in 2011. It provides Chinese and Japanese video game machines as well as valet-installed service or OEM.