Sahara One’s much talked about show Firangi Bahu is all set to spice up its plot with the entry of talented and popular actress Apara Mehta as Mota Bhabhi. She will come in as a whiff of air but take the house by storm and create a lot of drama.


Mota Bhabhi is Ranjan Ben’s jethani who is a troublemaker. The character has several shades and is sharp and sarcastic. She is a show off and is very much bothered about what the society thinks about her. Everyone including Ranjan Ben is petrified of her as she is too observant and judgemental. She will make life hell for everyone but the worst sufferer at her hands will be Ranjan’s Firangi Bahu, Camili.


Talking about her role, Apara Mehta said, “I am very excited to be a part of such a novel and fresh concept. Being a Gujarati, I could fit into the character easily. My character is not negative but has shades of grey. I am sure that the character will shape up well and the audiences will enjoy the drama.”


With Apara Mehta’s grand entry slated from Monday, January 13, the show is sure to take an interesting twist and Ranjan Ben’s anxiety level is sure to rise.


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