In a new development, Aplos Systems, a software company based in Southampton, UK, has recently release their newest product, the SMS Release. According to one of the company’s representative, SMS Reserve is primarily targeted at small and medium sized restaurants. The company hopes that it will provide an easy way for the restaurants to boost their covers. It was also added that, the product will comprise of an easy to use interface and will allow a user to send out promotional text messages to numerous customers.

Describing in detail about the product, the representative also said that the text messages will contain a link to a personalized web page wherein the customer can ask for a booking. The system will also record various statistics such as views, booking requests, and unsubscription, thus providing freedom to the restaurants to modify promotions and optimize returns. This new product went through some trials and indicated positive results. It is predicted that a restaurant can make up to 2 to 3 covers per 100 messages that are sent. This will eventually cover several service costs and will ensure a very profitable outcome for the restaurants.

Aplos Systems is providing an introductory offer to customers by giving away 250 free messages. Interested customers can avail this free trial offer by using the code 250FREE from their official website.

According to various sources, Aplos Systems are a reliable software solutions company known widely for creating Bespoke Software for individuals and businesses. They also offer other services like Database Software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), e-Commerce, Content Management Systems, and many more. And with the launch of the SMS Reserve system, their area of functioning has been more enhanced. Reports suggest that, most of the clients are satisfied with their services which are a true testament of their innovation and efficiency in services. For more details go to

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