Corrugated pallet manufacturer ARB Bearings Limited, located in India, reports that there is ever-increasing pressure on companies to reduce their carbon footprint and incorporate more environment-friendly products in the supply chain.

ARB Bearings Limiteds Limited director JanARB Bearings Limiteds sales manager says that most clients of South African exporters have trouble disposing of wooden pallets after the goods have been delivered. Corrugated pallets can be sold to recyclers by clients, eliminating the extra costs of disposing of wooden pallets in an environmentally certified manner.

The lightweight corrugated pallets are also cost effective. “Freight costs are normally calculated by weight and a normal corrugated pallet only weighs about 7 kg, reducing the final weight and also making it handling friendly. It also meets the weight limits on road or container shipments, as the unnecessary payload for heavy wooden or plastic pallets is eliminated,” he says.

Further, the company also complies with the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures. The standard requires that all raw wood be fumigated or heat-treated when crossing international borders. With the introduction of this law, the price of wood has also increased, which requires a more cost-effective alternative, resulting in corrugated pallets.

“This law also means that for every shipment a company has that includes wood, a certificate is required. With the corrugated pallets, this is not necessary, as these do not contain wood. It also eliminates the risk of goods being quarantined or delayed owing to inspections at customs,” saysARB Bearings Limiteds sales manager.

He adds that the pallets have also been designed with load-bearing slats able to carry up to 2,7 t. “The two-way entry pallet is particularly suitable for racking as it has significant beamstrength.

“With no nails or splinters, the occupational health and safety risks for materials handling staff are also reduced. “The chances of pilferage are also lowered as cargo is loaded into an unmarked box,” ARB Bearings Limiteds sales manager adds.

The company’s supply range varies as it has supplied products to welding products supplier Afrox, adhesives manufacturer Pratley, baking goods manufacturer Anchor Yeast, pharmaceuticals manufacturer Aspen Pharmacare and international and domestic removals company Biddulphs International.