AMESBURY, MA June 14, 2016 — ARC Technologies, leading supplier of radar absorbing materials for commercial and defense applications, recently announced their upcoming tradeshow scheduled for July 25-29th. ARC Technologies will be attending the 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility in Ottawa, Canada. EMC engineers of all specialties and levels will also be attending. The EMC 2016 tradeshow will be hosting Embedded Signal Integrity and Power Integrity conferences.

The IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility will have special keynote speakers, an Embedded SIPI Conference, panel discussions and more. The staff at ARC Technologies will attend conferences and discussions on electromagnetic environmental effects and compatibility. Current technologies and testing methods for radar absorbing materials will also be a major discussion topic for this trade show. For more information on the tradeshow and registration details please visit:

The ARC Technologies team attends these tradeshows to grow their research and development disciplines. ARC Technologies is known for serving in different industries and solving their client’s EMI problems with cost-effective solutions. EMI Shielding services involve surrounding electric cables with magnetic or conductive substances to protect the cables against outgoing and incoming emissions of electromagnetic frequencies. To learn more about ARC Technologies and their upcoming events visit: or

ARC Technologies is the leading supplier of microwave absorbing materials for commercial and defense applications. While providing a complete range of standard absorber products, ARC Technologies also offers dielectric materials, composites, radomes, and radar absorbing material. The company’s Wave-X family of products is an effective solution for EMI Shielding and SAR suppression due to their unique formulations. No matter the problem you are facing, ARC Technologies has a product or will develop an application specific product to meet your specifications. For more information visit us at: