When people tell you not to use article spinners they normally give you three or more reasons. These include variations of the following:

1.The articles generated by this kind of software will never pass copyscape. This might be true however the question you must ask yourself is if the articles actually need to pass this test of uniqueness? You are not creating articles so that every article gains a number one spot in google. You are writing them for back-links to your money pages. You want them to be readable so that they will be accepted into the article directories - period!

2.The articles produced by article spinners will not be optimized for Search engine optimization purposes. Yet again the answer is who cares? Until you try to get articles you have written for other peoples web properties rated on the search engines are you not considering whether they are SEO optimized or not. Sure the traffic would be nice, of course it will but generally speaking if you do mass article submissions you are solely searching for back-links. In case you are trying to drive traffic using articles you must be writing and publishing original articles to the top directories and optimizing this content for SEO purposes. It would even be necessary that they either pass copyscape or are written under the same author name as the first articles site they appeared on.

3. The 3rd and usually last reason why people tell you not to invest in article spinners is that the articles are not readable. This is certainly true of some of the cheaper spinners on the market. You should know that article spinners are a tool. You must master this tool to make it work properly for you. Once you know how this tool works you will have no problem producing spun articles which are readable and acceptable to most web directories.

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