28, August 2015: With the recent Google crackdown on various link platforms such as so called Web 2.0 sites, bookmarking, wiki and profiles, are we headed towards the way of PBNs?

If you are to believe the top SEO agencies, we are.

“If you ask me whether we are headed towards PBNs as the future of SEO, I would say yes, but not necessarily in the way you think of it. If you can tell my PBN as a PBN, then you are not thinking of it the right way and you are deemed for failure,” said a top buyer on BHW, a popular internet marketing forum where such discussions are common.

According to Jesse, he spends tens of thousands of dollars every month on SEO and has a bunch of affiliate and ecommerce sites which he manages all on his own with the help of individual freelance assistants spread all over the world.

“My writers are based in Phillipines, India and US. My designers are Eastern European and Vietnamese while my SEO guys are from nearly every continent,” said Jesse.

If you have dug deep into forums such as BHW, you will find out that there are a lot of buyers who use PBNs, but the biggest fear of even the largest spenders is deindexing, so are we moving on to personal PBNs now? If you were to believe Barbie.ken from Earthier Pro PBN setup, the answer is Yes.

“All the big buyers of PBN links are now busy setting up their own PBNs. This is just the big guy’s way of dominating over the small guy. This is the future of SEO. The big fish will have their own untouchable PBNs while the small time players will be prone to deindexing and other troubles normally associated with blog networks that are available for sale or renting to anyone,” said Barbie.ken

The question about personal PBNs is how long they last. According to sources, there are people using their own networks and doing well for 2 years. The key is to not have it spammed and make it look like a real blog. The real question is how much this method gets confined to the big guy and how far the small guys are able to go with this expensive method.