Juno Beach, FL; 15, June 2016: ARE Solutions Property Tax Consulting Services lowers property taxes for real estate owners with an outstanding track record having achieved tens of thousands of dollars of property tax savings annually throughout Georgia and Florida. With the help of ARE Solutions Property Tax Consulting Services, owners should review their current tax bills, and ensure that they are not being overcharged based on inaccurate county market values.

The proposed 2016 property tax notices have been mailed out by the assessors offices throughout Georgia. There is a small window of time to file an appeal to the Board of Assessors usually 30-45 days from the date that the proposed notice is mailed. Failure to meet this deadline means the potential for 2016 property tax savings will be gone forever.

About the Consulting Firm:

ARE Solutions Property Tax Consulting Services has been helping property owners since 2012 when the founder Adam Rosenfield decided to put his skills and experience in the real estate industry to good use to help Floridians and Georgians lower their property taxes. The company has outstanding reviews from clients ranging from REIT’s, to owners of single family homes. Feel free to read what ARE Solutions Property Tax Consulting Services clients have been saying about our services http://www.arpropertyexperts.com/testimonials/. The company is continuing to expand into new counties. With our database of information and research software, not only do we have coverage throughout Georgia and Florida, but we are also local market experts in the major cities in these two states which has attributed to our success in drawing upon the information we need in these markets in order to get the maximum assessment reductions for our clients.

To determine whether or not your property fits the criteria for a 2016 property tax assessment reduction, visit ARE Solutions Consulting Services website at http://www.arpropertyexperts.com/ to learn more.

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