Crossbows are everywhere when it comes to movies and it is one of the best weapons to use when it comes to hunting or to protect yourself with.

Newport Beach, CA October 5th, 2016 - You have Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Game with it. That's a good example, right? I thought it is since most people seen it. PimpMyBow( started providing useful information about archery to help people discover numerous ideas of why archery is a great sport to get into by using crossbows.

At Pimp My Bow( which covers everything that had to do with crossbows you get to meet like minded folks that also appreciate crossbows as a weapon or something to look at. You have plastic to wood versions and there are other kinds as well.

Crossbows look good whether used in pictures, displays or for demonstration purposes. Ladies and guys used it for years and there are stories of gods and goddesses that uses it which is pretty cool to know. As you might have guess by now, we think it is pretty cool to have around with you but in order to use it right, you need training.

I have tried telling people that it is more than just a weapon but something more to it. You can do a lot with it such as hunting, protection or both. People in our community have a passion for it because you don't see it as just a weapon but archery requires skills that you get by practicing the art while learning how to improve your shots more.

We have friends and family interested in the subject and due to it is one of the reasons why we created the site. Our love for the sport is just a way to show that we love what we do. Not just to write about it.

We show appreciations with not just words but pictures of crossbows and people love pictures. It attracts people because it is visual but great to look at examples of it. Gods and goddesses as well as people have shown that a love affair with crossbows in archery makes a person feel confident. It is quite sexy to also see people shoot bows through a crossbow.

Now that you know we love the sport, we hope you will check out Pimp My Bow( to encourage you to study more of it while getting educated about the sport. Crossbows are hot and knowing how to use one is half the battle.

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