Arizona, United states - A firm based in Kingman, Arizona has rolled out several choices in wooden urns for adult cremation. Among the lately rolled out models is the Oak cremation urn that the company takes pride in. The urn is made out of oak in its entirety and comes with a golden hue oak satin. In the bottom, the company has placed a plate in the bottom. Taking no chances in safety, company has fastened the urn with screws.

A special in the adult cremation urns introduces by the website is the walnut cremation urn. The company has maintained its one material use policy with this urn as well and there is 100% walnut in the urn. The company has not faltered in the specs with this one. The urn is 7 ft tall and equally long. Again, to care for the safety of the body, the bottom plate has been fastened with screws.

Another special by the company has been the cherry wood and walnut urn. Arizona Urns owner said recently in media conference that the company has taken great care in ensuring utmost originality in the urns that they manufacture. He laid great focus on the wood cremation urns , especially the one made of walnut and cherry wood.

Experts at the company have delicately fused the two varieties of wood in equal proportion to give a premium finish to the wooden urn. Again, the company retains 7x7 measurements for this urn. Moreover, the urn has a capacity of 230 cubic in.

The butternut cremation urn by the company is made of pure butternut wood. The company has spent quite a few hours in imparting a satin like finish to this urn. The urn has the usual 7x7 measurement but the owner of Arizona Urns said in the media conference that they could also customize the size of the urns if customers so requested.

Among the other custom made cremation urns is the Mahogany and Walnut cremation urn by the company. The company has given the urn a mahogany body and a walnut top. In the front, a neat cross has been placed before the walnut. There is once again the extra bottom plate fastened with screws. More from the company include the Oak and Cherry cremation urn and the Solid walnut cremation urn.

About the Company

Arizona Urns is a premier cremation wood provider offering imported timber all the way from China.

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