21, October 2016: Bathtub repairs company saving Arkansas and Kentucky home owners and rental property managers multiple $1000’s every year in unnecessary bathtub replacement.

Arkansas and Kentucky based home owners and property managers, who have issues with mysterious holes, cracks or chips appearing in their tubs, showers and sinks, can now breathe a sigh of relief, according to Bob Kennedy, owner of Surface Renew, Inc., who recently opened new offices in Arkansas Central, Arkansas Northwest, and Kentucky Southwest specializing in bathtub repairs.

Surface Renew Inc. is a specialty tradesman company founded in April, 2004 and is based in Maumelle, AR. Services include repairing, resurfacing and refinishing bath tubs, wall and counter tile surfaces, showers, sinks and counter tops.

Even though damage to sinks and tubs can occur for various reasons, Kennedy says it could have started at the point of shipping. Or perhaps, some heavy object dropped into the bathtub or sink.

"Whatever the cause of the crack or chip in your sink or tub, it can be easily be repaired to bring back its luster and beauty," said Kennedy, whose team of sink and bathtub restoration professionals specialize in letting clients enjoy the use of their tub and sink for many more years to come.

More info on bathtub chip and crack repair service: http://surface-renew.com/sink-tub-chip-and-crack-repair

According to the Surface Renew sink and bathtub refinishing specialists, their unique resurfacing, refinishing and reglazing techniques were designed to provide consumers a solution that restores chipped or cracked tubs and sinks to their original state, without their having to completely replace the fixture. So far, consumers are welcoming the bathtub repairs service as a cost effective option over an expensive replacement project.

While there are many different surfaces and materials used in repairing tubs, tiles and showers to their original state, Kennedy pointed the importance of knowing that there is a huge difference in the finished look and durability when "our team fixes your cracks and chips, as opposed to you using a DIY kits you got from a hardware store."

"Therefore, when you consider the cost of a full replacement of your cracked bathtub, sink or shower tiles, doing the repair job right the first time is important," said Kennedy, who leads a team of professional trained tub and sink restoration professionals with years of experience producing quality finishes.

For further information and details about the various options available in bathtub repairs for restoring sinks or tubs to their original state, contact Surface Renew.


As a cost and time effective alternative to replacement, they "renew" fixtures with a hard and durable surface in a variety of modern colors and textures of your choice. Repaired and refinished surfaces are ready to use that same day. Residential and commercial services are available.

Service areas in central and north west Arkansas are the following cities including their surrounding areas: Little Rock, North Little Rock, Conway, Ft. Smith, Van Buren, Alma, Benton, Bryant, Fayetteville and Springdale.

Service areas in Kentucky are the following cities and their surrounding areas: Paducah, Murray, Mayfield, Marion and Princeton.

For Media Contact:
Company: Surface Renew, Inc.
Arkansas Central Office, Bob Kennedy: 501-920-9326
Arkansas Northwest Office, Ryan Shultz: 479-226-0703
Kentucky Southwest Office, Sam Gray: 270-349-5828
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://surface-renew.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SurfaceRenewAR