With nicotine being the most used drug in the US and the health implications being much more at the forefront of our minds, it is important that all self-help angles are investigated.

June 13, 2016 -  Smoking is most definitely on the decline in the US, encouraged by smoke free workplaces, restaurants and public places.  This can make a smoker feel like it’s a crime to light up; resulting in many more smokers wanting to quit.   Wanting to give up is the most important step on a smoker’s journey to becoming a non-smoker.  Once that decision has been made, people are then inundated with numerous choices about what aids to use to support that decision.   A study by The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine is hopeful that aromatherapy could be the answer for some.

Aromatherapy has been providing huge benefits to users for hundreds of years, and most modern day users swear by its holistic benefits for their health.  However, the study of a small group of people showed that using aromatherapy whenever they got a nicotine craving helped delay and sometimes eradicate their desire to light up.   The two essential oils tested were Angelica and Black Pepper, both readily available from many outlets.

‘This is really exciting news’ says Louise Piper of SmartChoice Fitness ‘Our company is all about helping people make the necessary changes to their lifestyle in order to improve the way they feel, and quitting smoking is such an important step forward in doing this.  When we heard that aromatherapy can help in this fight we were thrilled — because we know that aromatherapy does not have any side effects, it is all natural.  Our new Aromatherapy Necklace allows for aromatherapy on the go, so with this in mind it could be a fantastic support to anyone wishing to trial this method’

In 2012 it was reported that almost 35 million Americans want to quit smoking each year, yet over 85% relapse in the first week.  Although seriously on the decline, nicotine is still socially accepted.  It is not illegal and even with all the smoke free areas it is still difficult to go anywhere without coming across it.   Therefore, this makes giving up extraordinarily challenging.

Reasons for giving up vary enormously, but an individual’s reason is the one important factor that can be used in preventing that relapse.   Determination comes from the reason why that decision has been made.
Three of the main reasons are

-    Health; Financial; and Family.
However, the most essential thing of all however is to ensure that the decision to quit is made by the smoker and no one else.

Once the decision has been made, there are numerous aids to help currently on the market, including nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, nasal sprays, the controversial E-cigarette or just simple willpower!  But now there could be this new kid on the block - Aromatherapy!

SmartChoice Fitness have recently launched their Aromatherapy Necklace under their holistic brand, SC Natural.  The Aromatherapy Necklace is an essential oil diffuser and piece of jewellery rolled into one.  A great way to have the scent you need no matter where you are — vitally important when you are trying to give up smoking. The Aromatherapy Necklace is sold on the Amazon platform, and you can visit the page here http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01C5SA2CK

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