Arsheen’s acting 101 with ReemaLagoo

It has been three weeks since Mahesh Bhatt’s newest venture on the silver screen is on air and it is already creating a stir amidst the audiences with its compelling story line and the little Arsheen’s cutesy tootsey acting. Though the petit actress is a pro at dramatics and the entire crew is awestruck over her mesmerising performance, she is taking acting lessons from Bollywood’s one of the known facesReemaLagoo who is seen sketching the role of Dayavanti Mehta in the show.

Arsheen while doing a scene recently was stuck in delivering a passive aggressive emotion and the despite the director’s guidance, she was facing trouble understanding the requirements of the scene. That’s when Reemaji came to the little actress’s rescue and taught the actress to explore emotions in simpler language for her to understand. While, Arsheen’s performance as Avni is enthralling, the little actress’s humbleness knows no bounds, she was completely astonished by the quality of performance delivered by the veteran actress in a single take. The little actress wished to achieve that and hence decided to take acting lessons pre and post her shooting schedule from Reemaji. Reemaji was completely mesmerised by the amount of dedication the little one had towards acting and graciously accepted to become her teacher. Despite their differences on screen, the duo have become best of friends on the sets of the show.

The two are seen practicing scenes together on the sets and also Reemaji personally preaches the flaws in Arsheen’s scenes and also teaches her acting exercises. “I’m so lucky to have had guidance from one of the best actors in the country and that too at a very tender age. I hope when I am her age I could be as good as her. I really look up to Reema aunty and I love her with all my heart. Apart from giving me acting lessons, she also gets chocolates for me and loves me a lot and I love her back. I am truly blessed to have worked with the best crew!” says Arsheen.

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