(Free Press Release) Article Alley, which provides free content to its readers, has teamed up with AOL-Yedda. Yedda answers users‘ questions. For each question, a dedicated page is created on Yedda and on partnered AOL sites. This means increased traffic for the already full-of-traffic Article Alley sites.

Extra traffic would mean increased exposure to the author‘s article and an-ever expanding reader base. Writers submit articles on Article Alley, a site that was established in 2004. Apart from providing information to the readers, Article Alley‘s aim is also to promote authors‘ articles and group their content. The content, in the form of articles submitted by the authors, is read by millions online. Article Alley has continued to grow as free content providing website since its inception. We have a loyal author base of over 200,000 authors. The huge number of dedicated writers means millions of web pages.

Yedda is a unique site that answers all your questions. The questions can be on any topic. You will get the answers to all your questions anytime. The readers can find the best answers to their questions here. The answers are given by experts in the field with an extensive knowledge about the topic. The people who provide answers to questions combine their knowledge, professional history, hobbies, pursued interests, and personal experience.

The article directory, Article Alley, has now joined hands with Yedda, another knowledge-provider. The free content website has numerous writers which include amateurs wanting to make it big in the writing industry. The website provides an opportunity for their articles to be read by millions of people. The website is also a boon for Internet marketing professionals who use the site to promote their own sites. Article Alley‘s joining hands with Yedda means that people who seek answers to their questions will also be directed to Article Alley‘s articles.

This would mean that more traffic would be generated and it would increase the reader-base for Article Alley. At the same time, Article Alley‘s readers can go to Yedda to seek answers to questions on any topic under the sun. The alliance would also prove beneficial for marketing professionals who submit articles and inform readers about a particular product, promotion, or service through Article Alley. Their article marketing, which is done through the use of back links, will gain momentum as the traffic to Article Alley increases.

The writers can write on any topic on this free content website. The article marketing professional simply needs to write a unique and good quality article to promote their website so that the customers visit their site. The content posted on Article Alley is also present on many partner sites. So, the traffic is also generated from these sites which also link to Article Alley.

Article Alley has over 1,000,000 articles which are growing in number everyday as authors keep posting their articles to disseminate information and to get noticed. It is very simple to add content on our sites. It can either be done by using thousands of RSS feeds on the site or by simply copying and pasting text from each page. You can register free and use this free content site. Benefit from the partnership between Article Alley and Yedda.

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